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A Story of Italian Heritage

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Ginger Sweets
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Grenada (West Indies)Submitted by: Paul Lagassey from Pembroke Pines, FL, USA
Ingredients and Quantity
1 Cup Water
3/4 cup brown sugar (can put less according to taste)
Fresh ginger or ginger powder to taste
Boil the sugar and water until it starts to bubble. When it starts to bubble, beat ginger in with a wisk. Continue boiling until the misture gets hard enough.
Serving Suggestions
Cut into squares and serve on a dish.
This recipe was given to us verbally by Telcita Joseph, an sweet old woman we met in a shoppe in the town of Grenville, while traveling around Grenada in June, 2003. Telcita didn't say much about her ginger sweets, but she was proud to say her father made 22 children, and that she is number seven.

The picture was taken inside her shop. That's Telcita in the middle.

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