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A Story of Italian Heritage

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Central Italy (Italian)Submitted by: Elena Lagassey from Sarnia, Ontario, canada
Ingredients and Quantity
1 cup water
1 cup flour
2 mashed potatoes

2 lbs ripe tomatoes
2 oz olive oil
1 hand full of basil
1 hand full of oregano
Lots of garlic
1 gallon of grandpa’s wine (red of course)
Salt and pepper to taste
Lots of cheese
Firsta, you takea da water, da flower an a da mash potatoes, an a mush em all up together, and rolla da gnocchi in a little balls. Den you boil dem. Den, you maka da sauce. Cooka da garlic in a da olive oil, den musha da tomatoes in deere. Den, you putta da basil, oregano, 1 cupa da wine, salt an a peeppa, and you cooka da sauce.
Serving Suggestions
Putta lots a sauce on a da gnocchi, putta some cheese, an a you manga. Drinka da rest a da wine too. Whena you finish, den you hava some more tilla you can no eat anymore.
An old Italian tradition is that on the 29th of each month, you make gnocchi. Before eating, you fold a dollar bill (your gnocchi dollar) in special way, and put it under your plate. Then, if you finish all your gnocchi, it will insure you will have enough money coming in next month to pay the bills.

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